How to implement code in

how do i fill the blank of dataset. Should i download? or throgh the data-loader

python --dataset <dataset path> --nepoch=<number epochs> --dataset_type <modelnet40 | shapenet>

How do I operate?

The github repo provides a shell script to download data.

Thank you, then what should do to implement the classfication?
!python ?

what does dataset mean? what should i substitue, suppose i want to Run modelnet10 with 1000 points?

The link to the datasource is provided in the file. Download the zip file to some location (let’s call it /whatever/data/path/is) on your machine and unzip it. Now, from the command line go to utils folder in this project and run

python --dataset /whatever/data/path/is/shapenetcore_partanno_segmentation_benchmark_v0 --nepoch=1000 --dataset_type modelnet40

I can tell you that as soon as you run the above command you will run into issues with some file missing. You may have to labor through this code manually to get this running. Be patient and try to read the errors carefully to understand how you can address them one at a time. Good luck.