How to implement two similar network models with untied parameters?

I am trying to implement two similar network models with two LSTM layers whose parameters are not tied.

For eg., If I create two instances of the same model as:

model1 = Model()
model2 = Model()
Would the parameters of the above networks be tied? Kindly suggest a way to solve this.

They wouldn’t!!!(for 20 characters.)

Thank you @JTiC .
So the parameters won’t be tied, but I didn’t understand why it is specified as 20 characters.

I tried comparing the parameters of the two models with the function described in the following post.

check if models have same weights

And I got the result as “mismatch”. The comparison of the parameters was done after inference and before training. Is this the proper method to check if the parameters are tied or not? Kindly suggest the correct approach for the same.