How to know which qconfigs were ignored in quantization?

As the description in docs, the invalid qconfig will be ignored.

QuantDeQuantStubs are inserted based on the qconfig_mapping provided by users. Also we have a backend_config that specifies the configs that are supported by the backend. In this step, we will

  • Check if qconfig_mapping is compatible with backend_config or not, if user requested a qconfig that is not compatible with backend_config, we’ll not insert observers for the operator, the config would just be ignored.

Is there any warning information telling us which qconfig were ignored and why?

Hi @111357 , today the main way you could debug this is by inspecting the model after quantization is applied.

cc @jerryzh168 for request on warnings when qconfig is ignored due to incompatibility.

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yeah don’t print this right now I think, but this half we may add this support

Hi Vasiliy and Jerry @Vasiliy_Kuznetsov @jerryzh168 , thx for your reply. Is possible to provide the code snippet or the link about the ignore logic? I want to know more. Many thx :blush: