How to print at::tensor in C++

How to print at::tensor in C++ during debugging a custom op?
1.code line?

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You can use std::cout << your_tensor << std::endl; to print the content of a Tensor.

Is there a way of printing the size of a tensor without iterating through all elements of size()?

So doing something like cout << t.size() << end.

I believe std::cout << self.sizes() << std::endl; will work no?

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Thanks for your reply. Indeed, tensor impl has some attributes of tensor.

How about if you would only like to print a part of a tensor? For example, if you have a tensor of size {1,1,224,224} what if you wanted to index specific elements?

indexing works!

std::cout << system -> m_q[0] << std::endl;

[ CPUFloatType{1,1} ]