How to reach model attributes wrapped by nn.DataParallel?

I have a custom nn.Module which uses another nn.Module called ‘rnn’. Before wrapping with nn.DataParallel I was able to reach it by model.rnn but after it raises AttributeError: 'DataParallel' object has no attribute 'rnn'

What is the way to reach model attributes inside DataParallel?


i come across the same problem as u met,how do u solve it,thank u

You can access them by using


but it’s not exposed in the public API, so it might change in the future.


When you wrap a model with DataParallel,
the model.module can be seen as the model before it’s wrapped.

You can use model.module.attribute to reach the model attribute like before.


What if I chage the attribute by this way? Will the models on other GPUs change synchronously?


I saw a good project in github about dctts text to speach.
But this project is for only one gpu:

    device =  "cuda:0"

    graph = Text2Mel().to(device)
    # set the training flag

i tried ‘dataparallel’ but i’m noob in pytorch and alway i have this error:

AttributeError: 'DataParallel' object has no attribute 'attention'

How i can use my 8 gpu? the Repo is:

I would appreciate any help, thanks!

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I know this post is 3-4 years old, but if anyone runs into this problem hopefully this is of help.
If you want to change an attribute in the case where you want to copy a layer from one model to the other, make sure you wrap the model your copying from in DataParallel (custom) also. I was also wondering if this was possible. Just make sure to also wrap the model that you are copying from in DataParallel. I made a mistake in not doing so, resulting in lot of wasted time…

# simple fix for dataparallel that allows access to class attributes
class MyDataParallel(torch.nn.DataParallel):
    def __getattr__(self, name):
            return super().__getattr__(name)
        except AttributeError:
            return getattr(self.module, name)
#     def __setattr__(self, name, value):
#         try:
#             return super().__setattr__(name, value)
#         except AttributeError:
#             return setattr(self.module, name, value)

def load_weights(base_model_name, model, epoch):
    Loads previously trained weights into a model given an epoch and the model itself
    :param base_model_name: name of base model in training session
    :param model: the model to load weights into
    :param epoch: what epoch of training to load
    :return: the model with weights loaded in

    pretrained_dict = torch.load('{}/{}_{}_{}.pt'.format(args.model_path, base_model_name, epoch,['state_dict']
    model_dict = model.state_dict()
    pretrained_dict = {k: v for k, v in pretrained_dict.items() if k in model_dict}

    return model

model = r2plus1d50()
model = MyDataParallel(model, device_ids=[0, 1])

# Copying the layer from epoch 13 to model
epoch = 13
head_model = r2plus1d50()
head_model = MyDataParallel(head_model, device_ids=[0, 1])
head_model = load_weights(base_model_name, head_model, epoch)
# head1 is the name of the attribute that we want to copy over
head = getattr(head_model, "head1")

# set attribute to change the attribute
setattr(model.module, "head1", head)

For some reason, I was not able to overwrite the setattr() method for a custom DataParallel class, which is why the model is accessed with model.module.
Hope this helps.