How to save a model from a previous epoch?

The current method of saving a model seems to be this:

What if I trained a model for 50 epochs, but notice the model starts to overfit at the 40th epoch. How can I save/load the model weights at the 40th epoch?


You can call multiple times in your training routine and save the model’s data in different output files.

Recommended approach

path = os.path.join(SAVE_DIR, 'model.pth'), path) # saving model
MODEL.cuda() # moving model to GPU for further training
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Does overwrite the previous saved model, or can I save multiple models?

If you save it into another buffer or file it will not overwrite the previous one.

So if you follow the recommended approach @alwynmathew mentioned, you can for example use the number of the current epoch in the filename.

model is the model to save
epoch is the counter counting the epochs
model_dir is the directory where you want to save your models in
For example you can call this for example every five or ten epochs., os.path.join(model_dir, 'epoch-{}.pt'.format(epoch)))

So if I call that function at a certain epoch (say every 10), it will save it as a new file under


Small correction on @mteser answer:, os.path.join(model_dir, 'epoch-{}.pth'.format(epoch)))
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I also found examples in the documentation which use .pt instead of .pth, for example here, but also some that use .pth in examples.
It is just a name, but is somewhere one file-suffix explicitely recommended?

You are right @mteser, it doesn’t matter. link