How to save prediction result of Dataloader batch

I have fine-tuned a Bert model and want to use the model to make new predictions. If I use Dataloader batch to make new predictions, how could I save the prediction label and the original sentence into a csv? My label is [“business”,“news”,“math”]. Could the original sentence in a line of CSV and the predicted label in another line?

Thank you very much!

My code is here:

    eval_sampler = SequentialSampler(dataset)
    eval_dataloader = DataLoader(dataset, sampler=eval_sampler, batch_size=self.args.batch_size)

    # Eval!"***** Running evaluation on %s dataset *****", mode)"  Num examples = %d", len(dataset))"  Batch size = %d", self.args.batch_size)
    eval_loss = 0.0
    nb_eval_steps = 0
    preds = None
    out_label_ids = None


    for batch in tqdm(eval_dataloader, desc="Evaluating"):
        batch = tuple( for t in batch)
        with torch.no_grad():
            inputs = {'input_ids': batch[0],
                      'attention_mask': batch[1],
                      'token_type_ids': batch[2],
                      'labels': batch[3]}
            outputs = self.model(**inputs)
            tmp_eval_loss, logits = outputs[:2]

            eval_loss += tmp_eval_loss.mean().item()
        nb_eval_steps += 1

        if preds is None:
            preds = logits.detach().cpu().numpy()
            out_label_ids = inputs['labels'].detach().cpu().numpy()
            preds = np.append(preds, logits.detach().cpu().numpy(), axis=0)
            out_label_ids = np.append(
                out_label_ids, inputs['labels'].detach().cpu().numpy(), axis=0)

    eval_loss = eval_loss / nb_eval_steps
    results = {
        "loss": eval_loss
    preds = np.argmax(preds, axis=1)
    result = compute_metrics(preds, out_label_ids)