How to set target for YOLOv1 model?

I’m working on datasets for YOLOv1.

I have an Image with two ground truth boxes.

box1 = [x1, y1, w1, h1, CS1]
box2 = [x2, y2, w2, h2, CS2]
(CS is confidence score. I deleted Class parameter because I don’t need classification. I only need localization.)

below is example for my data

the model output is (1, 7, 7, 10)

how can I make targets for this?

if I want 2 bounding box predictions for each grid cell like yolo paper,

does all 7*7 grid cell should go to (x1, y1, w1, h1, CS1, x2, y2, w2, h2, CS2)?

or just certain 2 grid cell should go like (x1, y1, w1, h1, CS1, x1, y1, w1, h1, CS1)
and (x2, y2, w2, h2, CS2, x2, y2, w2, h2, CS2) ?