How to store and resume visdom experiment window in environment after restart

I created visdom experimental windows in environment " tutorial plot" by using sample codes, and shown and successfully obtained loss and accuracy curves on windows on browser. See these obtained figures below. Screenshot at 2020-06-01 14-26-41

However, I have problem in how to store (or save) windows with created curves and resume them. Once I stop “$python visdom”, the windows are gone and never show up again even if I start “$ python visdom”. How should I do ? I reviewed and followed description under “save” for window save under the name of “saved_data” but never restore them again.

Thank you in advance.

For completeness, the issue is also tracked here.
Unfortunately, I don’t know why it’s not working .

That being said, the code frequency doesn’t show much movement in the repository, so maybe you could try other libraries?

Thank you for your reply. I am not sure what code frequency indicates on I suppose it means how frequently codes for visdom package are downloaded for use. or what frequency for code updates is. I did install visdom by “conda install visdom” and did not download and install visdom the source codes from Then I downloaded the sample codes from and tried them out for test case. Do you indicate that I may try another way to install visdom instead of conda ?
Thank you in advance.

You could try to build from source in case the binaries are not up to date and rerun the script.

I understood your suggestion.