How to tell if pypi version of torchaudio is gpu or cuda?

How can i tell if the torchaudio on pypi is cuda or cpu based?

pip list | grep torch will return the packages with torch in their name and the pip wheels using a CUDA runtime would have the +cu113 (or another CUDA version) suffix.

pip list | grep torch
torch                         1.11.0.dev20211101+cu113

But on the site torchaudio · PyPI
It doesn’t have any additional information. Also, how are you getting a 1.11.0dev version? Is that a self compiled version?

Yes, you are right. The provided link seems to depend on the default CUDA runtime, i.e. CUDA 10.2.
Based on this PR it seems that torchaudio isn’t directly linking to this runtime, but depends on torch to provide all symbols.
In that case, you could check the corresponding torch.version.cuda output, as I cannot find an internal torchaudio flag which would indicate the needed CUDA runtime version.

The version is used in the nightly binaries, which you can also select via the install instructions.