How to understand g.manual_seed(self.epoch) statement

I find g.manual_seed(self.epoch) in the distributedSampler class. However, I enter the Genetator class and find the method content is pass. I am reading the code of example/imagenet/

Can any one tell me what’s the function of this line?

In which file are you looking?

It sounds like Generator is a class. There is probably some child class that extends Generator and provides a non-pass manual_seed method.

data/ and distributedsampler class

Thanks, found it here. Do you know where the code for the Generator class is located? (sorry, I’m having a little trouble finding it!) Thanks for your help!

Okay I think manual_seed is implemented here:

Please let me know if that helps

OK. Thanks for your help. I will read it later, I am not good at C++.

Thank you again!