How to use conv2d, if input channel value is 3rd dimention?

What I understood till now is that for a 3D array with dimensions A x B x C. Conv2d function of torch.nn, will take A as in_channel. However I am having a different situation. I am having 3D nifti images and loaded them using nibabel.load function and then converted them into numpy array, and then finally converted them to tensor using torch.from_numpy. So in mine case images have dimension, 512 x 512 x 50. Here Height = width = 512, and depth = 50. But if I use nn.conv2d function, then assumes that in_channels value is 512, because it is first dimension, but it is not. So how can I use conv2d function and tell it that in_channel value is the third dimension?

You can’t tell nn.Conv2d that the channels are in another dimension. You would rather permute your input to match the expected dimensions. Also, nn.Conv2d expects a 4-dimensional input and your example is missing the batch dimension.
In case your current input would have the shape [batch_size, height, width, channels], just use x = x.permute(0, 3, 1, 2).

Thanks for reply, I know it is like N x A x B x C, where N is batch size but I ignored it for this question.

Ah alright. I just wanted to mention it to give you the code sample. Otherwise I thought it would look strange to address 4 dimensions in the permute call :wink: