How to watch pytorch code

I use pycharm write my code.

When I want to watch the pytorch source code, only comment in python file, such as

    def asin(self, input, out=None): # real signature unknown; restored from __doc__
        asin(input, out=None) -> Tensor
        Returns a new tensor with the arcsine  of the elements of :attr:`input`.
        .. math::
            \text{out}_{i} = \sin^{-1}(\text{input}_{i})
            input (Tensor): the input tensor
            out (Tensor, optional): the output tensor
            >>> a = torch.randn(4)
            >>> a
            tensor([-0.5962,  1.4985, -0.4396,  1.4525])
            >>> torch.asin(a)
            tensor([-0.6387,     nan, -0.4552,     nan])

    def asin_(self, *args, **kwargs): # real signature unknown

    def as_strided(self, *args, **kwargs): # real signature unknown

    def as_strided_(self, *args, **kwargs): # real signature unknown


Most of these functions are implemented in cpp I’m afraid. So you won’t be able to find the source code in python. We just use these to easily store the documentation and signature in a way that doc generator and mypy understands.

Thanks, I want to know how to generate these documentation. I want to have some insight into pytorch

All the docs are generated from here: