How to wrap a cuda tensor Variable to a cpu tensor Variable?

Hi, I have two loss functions whose return value has to be variables of cpu tensor and gpu tensor, respectively. Therefore, I cannot do:

loss = loss1 + loss2

because is a cpu tensor and is a gpu tensor. How to correctly do back-propagation? Thanks!

loss1.gpu() + loss2


loss1 + loss2.cpu()


loss1.backward(); loss2.backward()


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But a Variable doesn’t have gpu() or cpu(), right?

The third method is slow, because in my case loss1 and loss2 share many subgraphs below.

Just found a quick hack:

suppose loss1 is the cpu tensor Variable, then we can directly set: =

The gradients are also correct. Verified by a simple toy example:

import torch
from torch.autograd import Variable

x1 = Variable(torch.rand(10), requires_grad=True)
x2 = Variable(torch.rand(10).cuda(), requires_grad=True) =

y = x1 + 2 * x2


sorry I meant .cuda instead of .gpu

Variable has a .cuda() and a .cpu() method. Gradients are also correctly back-propogated through the call.

Great, thanks a lot!