I got Type error but I really do not know where did I miss

RuntimeError: Expected object of type torch.DoubleTensor but found type torch.cuda.FloatTensor for argument #2 ‘other’

delta_gt[0,i] = (shift[0] - p.anchor_tensor[i,0])/p.anchor_tensor[i,2]

delta_gt, p.anchor_tensor are both torch.cuda.FloatTensor, shift are scala,
delta_gt[0,i] has shape [1, 256] and p.anchor_tensor[i,0] has shape [256, 1], shift[0] is scala

so, why did this line go wrong? can’t float tensor divided by float tensor???

Is that a float tensor can only be divided by a double tensor???

No this is kind of a bug I guess I have seen the questions in stack exchanges I guess… a fix would be to call .double()
try :
delta_gt[0,i] = (shift[0] - p.anchor_tensor[i,0])/p.anchor_tensor[i,2].float()

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Thx, but I also tried your method, while it still got errors as the same.
I guess this is a hard BUG in this framework? and I tried to convert to numpy to solve current issues

Could you check the dtype of shift[0]?
It seems it’s still on the CPU while the others are apparently on the GPU as you’ve explained.

sorry for that I did not make this clear enough.
For shift[0], i mean shift is a python list to store python float number, and so is a scala

and it is true that shift[0] is on CPU. BUT it seems right that a gpu tensor could operate with python number, right?

and for this, I mean that python float number can only controlled by cpu and there is no need to convert them to gpu tensor to operate with gpu float tensor p.anchor_tensor[i,0], right?

@smth Can you help me with this type error?