I’m having issues on training with cpu

Could you please describe the issue in detail and in the best case post a minimal, executable code snippet which reproduces the error, so that we could directly debug it?
You can post code snippets by wrapping them into three backticks ```.

I tried training the model, because I used Debertav3large, and the error was cuda was out of memory, I reduced the batch size and also changed some parameters, but still the same thing?

Based on your screenshot it seems you are passing a LambdaLR object as the device argument to the to() operation and your topic also mentions issues on the CPU?
Could you clarify the issue a bit more, please?

Can I send in screenshot

No, please don’t post screenshots as they are not helpful.
Describe your issue in words and post code snippets by wrapping them into three backticks ``` as previously mentioned.

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I noticed that I didn’t place in the model which I’m using ( debertav2large) in the init function when declaring the variables, it worked afterwards, but to say the issues I ran into when training my model was that: cuda was out of memory, that’s the point I’m stuck when training, so I need assistance there?

Make sure that all your tensors and model are on the same device. Also make sure that batches on data fit into the GPU memory.

I think the model is too large for only one gpu used in kaggle

You could try smaller batch size.

Thanks, and maybe I’ll try smaller models too