I want to run Libtorch (Pytorch C++ Frontend) in OpenFraneworks

HI, All.

I want to run Libtorch (Pytorch C++ Frontend) in OpenFraneworks.

LibTorch Site: https://pytorch.org/tutorials/advanced/cpp_frontend.html

If LibTorch is run in OpenFrameworks, It will be very powerful Deep Solution IDE(deep learning + GUI Production for OSX, Win10, & Linux).

The setup() + update() structure of OF is very suitable for trained model’s fast inference.

Like this:
setup() {
// trained deep model loading
// etc init
update() {
// fast inference repeatedly of inputed.


But I can’t include <torch/torch.h> in XCode.

At CMake method, CMakeLists.txt is like this:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0 FATAL_ERROR)

find_package(Torch REQUIRED)

add_executable(dcgan dcgan.cpp)
target_link_libraries(dcgan “${TORCH_LIBRARIES}”)
set_property(TARGET dcgan PROPERTY CXX_STANDARD 11)

and install libtorch for mac: https://download.pytorch.org/libtorch/cpu/libtorch-macos-latest.zip

How can I include libtorch header in XCode ??

Thanks in advance.

Console version in Xcode is only Possible.