Ignoring pixels for Loss calculations

Consider this example

    # img : Nx3xHxW
    # label: NxHxW
    x = generator(img)  # x is 10x21x321x321
    soft_pred = nn.Softmax2d()(x)
    y = discriminator(x) # y is 10x2x321x321
    y_1 = y[:,1,:,:]

    loss = 0
    for i in range(10):
        for j in range(321):
            for k in range(321):
                if y_1[i][j][k] > 0.3:
                    c = label[i][j][k]
                    loss += -log(soft_pred[i][c][j][k])

Is there a way I can use the standard loss function (NLLLoss2d) here?

soft_pred.masked_select(y_1 > 0.3).sum()

But I want to use label tensor to index the second dimension in x.

Oh I see. Then you can use (y_1 > 0.3).nonzero() and work from there using index_select and masked_select.

I finally managed to make it work. Thanks :smiley:

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