Improving the running time of the libtorch snippet

The issue which I am trying to solve, is to improve the running time of the object extraction. I would like to know if there is a more efficient way to do the portion of code bellow(since I observed it takes the a lot of time ). The variable yolo_output is the output of the yolov5 neural net.

  int confidenceIndex=4;
  int labelStart=5;
   torch::Tensor conf = yolo_output.squeeze(0).

torch::Tensor keep = torch::gt(conf,0.3);
yolo_output = yolo_output.index({Slice(None),keep,Slice(None)}); 
torch::Tensor scores =  yolo_output.squeeze(0).      
torch::Tensor score_pos = scores.argmax(1);
scores = std::get<0>(torch::max(scores,1,false));

torch::Tensor final_keep = scores * yolo_output.squeeze(0).

 if(final_keep.numel() == 0)
      std::vector<yolo_element> yolo_elements;
      return yolo_elements;
final_keep = torch::gt(final_keep,0.3);
yolo_output = yolo_output.index({Slice(None),final_keep,Slice(None)}); 
scores = scores.index({final_keep});

if(scores.numel() == 0)
    std::vector<yolo_element> yolo_elements;
    return yolo_elements;
score_pos = score_pos.index({final_keep});;
float *out = yolo_output.data_ptr<float>();
int v1,v2;
v1 = yolo_output.size(1);
v2 = yolo_output.size(2);
std::vector<yolo_element> yolo_elements(v1);

for(int i = 0;i < v1;i++)
    int index=i*v2;
    int tx = (out[index]-out[index+2]/2);
    int ty = (out[index+1]-out[index+3]/2)* 0.9375;
    int bx = (out[index]+out[index+2]/2);
    int by = (out[index+1]+out[index+3]/2) * 0.9375;

    yolo_element el = {Point(tx,ty),Point(bx,by),scores[i].item<float>(),score_pos[i].item<float>()};
    yolo_elements[i] = el;

return yolo_elements;

I would recommend to debug the issue e.g. via gdb and check the backtrace to see which operation exactly fails and what the reason is. The model should not randomly fail because some samples are “difficult” than others.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The issue was because the GPU was overloaded(because after the program crashed I did not clean what was loaded on the GPU and ran the program again…) and result was not verified to see if it was empty or not in the next function.