In great distress - GPU too old please help

I have spent the last 2 days trying to get a piece of code running and am at my wits end. Someone please help me. I am using nvidia gtx 780m, nvcc -V 9.0 and nvidia smi version 396.44.

Running my code in an environment with PyTorch installed via the command conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch returns me the message

Found GPU0 GeForce GTX 780M which is of cuda capability 3.0.
PyTorch no longer supports this GPU because it is too old.

THCudaCheck FAIL file=/opt/conda/conda-bld/pytorch_1535490206202/work/aten/src/THC/ line=206 error=48 : no kernel image is available for execution on the device

I have tried installing from source but get the same problem. Why is it still give me the same problem if i install from source ???