Incompatible argument for IntList type

I work on PyTorch1.0.
I build c++ extensions based on the code of Aten.
The input argument of the original c++ function should be IntList type.
When I call this function in Python, I pass a Python list to this function.
However, it raises an “Incompatible argument” error.
How to match IntList type in Python?

I recommend you to use std::vector<std::int64_t> instead of IntList because pybind support STL (and conversion with python list), and IntList (ArrayRefstd::int64_t) can be converted from std::vector.


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Can you provide a simple example code which converts std::vector<int64_t> into IntList?

std::vector<int64_t> implicitly converts to IntList. And IntList has a vec() method which returns a vector.