Install problem: pytorch 1.2.0 with Cuda 10.2


I’m trying to run code from the following github repository:

In the requirements section at the bottom, it says that pytorch 1.2.0 and CUDA 10.2 are required. I have tried installing pytorch 1.2.0 (on Windows Anaconda) via pip, but I get a version that comes with Cuda 9.2. Can someone please help me install pytorch 1.2.0 with CUDA 10.2?


I don’t think that the PyTorch 1.2.0 binaries and wheels were built with CUDA10.2, but with CUDA9.2 and CUDA10.0 as seen here.
If you need this config for a particular reason, you would most likely have to build PyTorch from source.

Great, thank you.