Installing anaconda on mac OS Big Sur

Hi I am installing anaconda on macOs Big Sur on a remote server using the terminal version. But when I try to install it I got the following error :slight_smile:

PREFIX=/home/anaconda3 line 377: md5: command not found WARNING: md5sum mismatch of tar archive expected: ffe6c79627482cbbc073b4d7509bacb2

When I was installing it I got this error that the archive is for mac OSX not max OS Big Sur. How can I fix this issue?

This issue doesn’t seem to be PyTorch-related, so you might get a better and faster answer on an Anaconda discussion board, mailing list, or StackOverflow.

However, based on the warning it seems that your current setup doesn’t have md5 installed and thus cannot verify the downloaded archive.

Yes, sorry for posting a non-related pytorch question. I couldn’t find the answer in any other community that you mentioned. I thought perhaps someone has experience with this macOS Big Sur, here.
Thank you for your answer.