IOU pytorch implementation

How to implement IOU for mutli-class image segmentation?

I have found this one working good

I wrote an extensive IoU notebook for a talk on the JIT linked from . The usual way is to do “class agnostic” IoU and a standard classification loss (eg cross entropy), so multiclass happens only in the second.
I always recommend the SSD lecture from 's second course.

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Hi @tom, I want to calculate IoU where my labels are of dimension [batch, class, h, w] and I have 4 classes. Initially I had 4 masks per image and I stacked them together to form the above mentioned dimension. Now I’m having difficulty in calculating IoU per class. Can you help me with that ?

I’m not sure I understand your labelling.

  • I think you want 4 coordinates (x0, y0, h, w).
  • Are you saying that you have class as an array dimension or do you have class as a separate tensor for each area?
  • But then computing the IoU per item should be straightforward.
  • If you don’t have class as an array dimension, but have that as an extra label, using index_add_ using the class as index should help you consolidate per-item IoU to something that has class as an array dimension.

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Hi Thomas, I’ll be more clear.

  • So for 1 input image, I have 4 masks that correspond to 4 classes.
  • I converted each mask to binary (0/1)
  • I stacked these masks to have this dimension [batch, 4, h, w]
  • Now I want to calculate IoU for each class.
  • But w, h doesn’t have location information?
  • What’s the shape of your predictions? Both for area and class?

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My logits are of the shape [batch, 4, h, w] as well and then I’m doing
preds = torch.sigmoid(logits) > 0.5 to get the predictions.

The shape of the predictions is also [batch, 4, h, w]

I’ll have to pass with these.

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This only works for binary segmentation.

Hi @zzzf,

Any idea of handling with multi-class?

I think IOU, per-pixel mean-IOU and per-image mean-IOU are often mis-interpreted.

For training, the code above is OK, but for report per-pixel mean-IOU, you can have a look at: PyTorch-ENet/ at a67d048ec837849eb79dfb8ec51b629a9738b362 · davidtvs/PyTorch-ENet · GitHub

Thanks for the reply. I will go through the shared link