Is a lower number of CPU cores better?

Hi all.

A strange thing happened.

I am using Pytorch on a shared PC and the CPU usage was very high and monopolizing resources during machine learning.
So I limited the number of CPU cores used (72 β†’ 8) and the CPU utilization dropped as expected compared to before the limitation. And strangely enough, the GPU utilization became higher, and the time for learning was also greatly reduced.
This is a departure from my expectation that the more cores on the CPU, the better.
What could be the cause of this phenomenon?

Best regards.

It could on the mechanism you used. If it was e.g., OMP_NUM_THREADS, you could be reducing the contention for physical cores between different threads. It would also depend on the workload e.g., if you are relying on the CPU for actual numerical computation (rather than just Python/dispatching), it isn’t recommended to use more threads than the number of physical cores on the machine.

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