"is_leaf" not in the attributes of torch.autograd.variable.Variable?

Hello, this might be an implementation-detailed question.

When reimplementing decoupled neural interface, which means I have to modify Variable.grad after calling Variable.backward, I found out that I can’t find Variable.is_leaf in any variables. But the documentation says it exists. Also, because I have to make sure it’s valid to manually modify grad Tensor (yes, it is valid, I hope so?), I looked up the source code under torch.optim folder, and Variable.is_leaf does exist. So How or When does this attribute be set? Thanks in advance!

This is how I tested

In [1]: import torch
   ...: from torch.autograd import Variable
   ...: x = Variable(torch.randn(5, 5), requires_grad=True)
   ...: y = Variable(torch.randn(5, 5), requires_grad=True)
   ...: a = x * 2
   ...: b = y * 3

In [2]: a.sum().backward()

In [3]: a.is_leaf
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)

P.S. I just found out that grad_fn is not set as well?

Those attributes are present in the master version, and not in the version currently available via conda and pip, which is 0.1.12. Maybe that explains the behavior you are seeing?

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LOL, ok I get it. Thanks.