Is multiplication by 1 a no-op

If I do sth like x * (y if condition else 1), will multiplication by 1 skip copying / allocating new memory?

No, you would need to do x * y if condition else x (if short circuits, so x * y will not be evaluated if the condition is false).

Multiplication is not a no-op

x = torch.randn(12)
y = x * 1
print(x.data_ptr(), y.data_ptr())

if short-circuits:

x = []
print(x[1] if len(x) > 0 else None)

Note that skipping allocation is not a good option here:

  • == 1 is fishy for floating point (see the thread with a mask the other day),
  • people will use + 0 or * 1 for getting copies…

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Yeah, maybe fixing this would require the user also casing for 1, if an inplace op is used after multiplication.

Let’s just say there is nothing to fix. :slight_smile: