Is pytorch for beginners in Deep Learning?

I have background in machine learning but I am a beginner in deep learning. A question for which I have not seen a direct answer anywhere is if the developers want it to be something that beginners get into DL with or this is geared towards deep learning researchers.

Also, at the moment there seems to be not as much tutorials available for beginners as other frameworks such as Keras. Though, for me at least, I am finding pytorch to be not as high level as Keras, which is why I am really liking it. This helps me get a sense of what is happening under the hood when I am learning a new concept.

It’s definitely meant to be accessible to beginners as well as researchers; part of the reason PyTorch is built the way it is so that it doesn’t have as much need for separate abstraction layers aimed at different use cases/user populations like tflearn or Keras. That should also make it easier to figure out how things work (at least until you get to the C backend) or move up/down the abstraction stack.