Is there a bitcount operation in pytorch

I try to write a simple hamming distance function in pytorch:

xorimg = torch.bitwise_xor(img1,img2)
for i in range(bitlen) : 
        hdist = hdist + (xorimg & 1)
        xorimg = xorimg >> 1

I wonder if there is a simple bitcount operation to count the 1s bits to get rid of the for loop such as:

xorimg = torch.bitwise_xor(img1,img2)
hdist = torch.bitcount(xorimg)

or any other equivalent way to get rid of time consuming for-loop?

or pytorch support hamming distance directly such as:

hdist = torch.hamming(img1,img2)

that would be even better.

Thanks for your help.

See answer here

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