Is there SVHN format 1 dataset in torchvision?

I want to implement a digits detection system by yolo v3, and I want to train it on SVHN. So, I import torchvision.datasets.SVHN.
However, When I display an image for verification, I have found that it only contains the format 2 dataset, which only contains cropped digit for classification.
So, is there format 1 svhn in torchvision?

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There is no SVHN detection dataset in torchvision. However, I transformed the detections annotations in MATLAB format to coco style and packed the images and annotations to a tar file. You can check the data and scripts here. If you use Windows, you may need to change the suffix from ‘tar’ to ‘tar.gz’ to uncompress correctly.

thank you for your nice work!
But I’m trying to implement my svhn detection dataset from the source.