Is torchvision also available in C++?

I was wondering if torchvision is also available in C++. especially the transforms, and utils modules.

Yep ->

Moreover, most of torchvision’s transforms use torch functionals as primitives, and these are available through libtorch.

Thanks, but I couldnt find any transform related thing there! Only Image encode/decore were added plus nms and roi, which is not what I’m after. Do you mean I have to reimplement everything myself using the libtorch functions?

What transforms are you interested in ? If you need something like this, I think yes you’ll need to reimplement it, is that right @fmassa?

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Yes, I guess I’ll be implementing a lot of stuff already!
Thanks a lot really appreciate your time and kind response.
Have a great day

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Heres an update of what I recently found. it might come in handy for people like me that later on see this thread.
Last night I noticed some functionalities in the torchvision has been moved to torch::data namespace in the C++ API, specially the transform that I was looking for: so check torch::data::transforms:: out as well

Its still very crude, but it offers some good necessaities such as BatchTransform, Normalize, Transform, etc