Is transforms.TenCrop the random operation?

In my case, I have a mask image for each sample image, so when I do tencrop on each image, I would like to do the same operation on the mask image.

I am curious about that if the tencrop operation is random or not?
For example, if I do tencrop for the same image twice, are cropped images the same?

Based on the docs, it should be deterministic:

Crop the given PIL Image into four corners and the central crop plus the flipped version of these (horizontal flipping is used by default)

Thanks for your reply. I have also read that piece, but I am not sure since it does not point out that clearly.
Maybe I should write a sample code to test it. Thanks again.

We can have a look at the source code to be sure it’s not random.
As you can see, internally TenCrop is calling FiveCrop, which uses the provided size to get the crops in this line of code.

Great! This is what I need. Thanks a lot.