Issue in BicycleGAN paper

In the BicycleGAN paper ( ), the Pytorch implemented code has the following function implemented:

Could anyone confirm with me if the forward function is returning output as a 1x1 dimensional vector representing the point estimate of the predicted mean?

If so, in the following function, is this value of mean i.e. mu broadcasted to a |z| dimensional vector using the reparameterization trick?

You could add print statements to the methods in question and print the shape of the tensors as well as parameters.
Let me know, if I misunderstood the question. :wink:

Yes I was thinking of cloning the repo but I am afraid my laptop might not have the required specs or might hang during the training. I am eagerly waiting for codespaces on GitHub for that. I shall try to reduce the training set size. Could you figure out from the snippet posted above about the shape of the output variable?