Issues with loading csv file


I am a bit stuck with loading csv file. I get invalid load key, '\xef'. or KeyError: 44 for code snippets below respectively

vrn = torch.load('dataset-housing-price-prediction-service/17-nov-2020-infoline-real-estate.csv')

import joblib

vrn = joblib.load(open('test.csv', 'rb'))

In web there were different proposals on the cause of the issue, but nothing in details. As you may notice I tried to vary tools to find out is this a tool related issue.

Likely it is an issue with file, but it is plane cvs. I attach file sample by this link

Could you please take a look on?

You can try to read CSV files from pandas library.
Import pandas as pd
Data = pd.read_csv(“path/to/file.csv”)
Then you can convert it to the data type you want

Thank you, pandas parse it without an issue. Do you have ideas why pytorch didn’t it?