jit::script::Module::farward usage stopped compiling when upgraded to libtorch 1.9.0

I have code that used to compile and run before I upgraded to libtorch 1.9.0.
Now I get an error that leads to:
“IValues based on std::unordered_map<K, V> are slow and deprecated. Please use c10::Dict<K, V> instead.”)
/// \endcond
IValue(std::unordered_map<Key, Value> v);

The code:
//In h file
torch::jit::script::Module m_module;
//In cpp file
torch::Tensor tensor = torch::unsqueeze(inputPatch, 0);
std::vectortorch::jit::IValue inputs;
torch::Tensor out = m_module.forward(inputs).toTensor();

What needs to change in my code to make it compatible with libtorch 1.9.0 ?