Jupyter does not point to the right python version

hi, I create a virtual environment with python3.8. then I activate it and open the jupyter. when i run the code on jupyter, it seems that the jupyter use the python3.9 (~/.local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/tensorflow_hub/init.py in
—> 88 from tensorflow_hub.estimator import LatestModuleExporter
89 from tensorflow_hub.estimator import register_module_for_export) than python3.8. but the kernel of jupyter is the environment(python3.8) I activated. and when I use ‘!python --version’, it returned python3.8.
can anybody help me with that?

You might need to select the right Python environment again in the notebook.
In case you are running into TensorFlow issues (as indicated in your code), the TF discussion board would be a better place to ask these questions as you would meet the TF experts there.