Jupyter notebook timeout on remote server


I am using jupyter notebook to train my code on the remote server and I am forwarding jupyter notebook port to my local machine so that I can see on the browser.

On the server side:
I am using tmux and detaching session and not getting timeout

On the local machine side:
I am running that command
ssh -N -f -L localhost:2000:localhost:2000 username@<remotemachine>
but I am getting timeout after 10epocs so my train never finished on jupyter notebook:( Because when I forward port again, I already lost the progress.

What do you use to solve that ssh timeout issue while training on the remote machine?

Thanks a lot

I use like below and everything works for me without issues. Just give a try for luck (Make sure you type below in the terminal/cmd not in the IDE’s terminal like vscode inbuilt terminal)

ssh -L 2000:localhost:200 usrname@server
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Hi @jmandivarapu1, you’re right, I realized that this command works as long as my local pc has internet connection. I got this ssh timeout because wifi connection dropped. Thanks a lot for clarification:)