Libtorch can be used on the arm development board?

hello everyone,I am using a arm development board.its MCU is i.mx6dl(cortex-A9 ARMV7 32).Now A QT project running on the board.I want my QT project Call the libtorch to load pytorch question is:Can torch and libtorch be compiled on the ARM development board?
I search on the net,someone compiled the pytorch to raspberry pie or android.But no one can compiled the pytorch to other arm board.Can I need to compiled the libtorch to arm board too?
who can help me?

I really hope to cross compile libtorch in the ubantu system and transplant it to the development board。who can help me?

You could use the Android build as inspiration.
That said, you might also be able to use @LeviViana 's build for the Raspberry and take the libtorch included in PyTorch:

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thank you very mush.I will try.