LibTorch crashing on xeus-cling Jupyter Notebook

Downloaded LibTorch from the official site (WSL on Windows → so chose Linux)

Installed xeus-cling using conda
However, running any code cell after the following instantiation code crashes the kernel :

#pragma cling add_library_path("/mnt/d/pytorch_cpp/libtorch/lib/")
#pragma cling add_include_path("/mnt/d/pytorch_cpp/libtorch/include")
#pragma cling add_include_path("/mnt/d/pytorch_cpp/libtorch/include/torch/csrc/api/include/")
#pragma cling load("libtorch")
#pragma cling load("libtorch_cpu")
#pragma cling load("libc10")

Even printing"hello world" after the pragma instantiation code cell ends up crashing so I’m pretty sure something is wrong with the linking of the library itself.

Could someone please tell me how to properly link the libtorch library to xeus-cling cpp kernel?