[libtorch][torch.jit.script][input dynamic shape]Error in loading ". Pt" file on C + +: index out of range

Because it is the company’s internal code, I can’t disclose it.I can only briefly describe the phenomenon:
I’m trying to deploy a model, but its input contains dynamic dimensions: it works normally when you use the python model script to perform information on the data; After I serialize the model JIT:: script(), it will report an abnormal error, such as index out of range.
In Python mode (ptyhon code is used to directly load".cpkt" parameters for inferecne), I can inferecne normally when I load the input data without using onnx mode, and the code after loading parameters is added at the end
An error was reported when loading the pt file even if in python code model.

If you have encountered similar situations and have relevant solutions or skills, I hope you can recover. Thank you very much!