Libtorch torch::stft error

I have saved a model as torch script, to calculate mel spectrograms. Saving the model, and using the model at python gives no error and works as expected. However when I try to use model in c++ with libtorch I have received the following error, which is unintuitive for me. I would be happy, if one explains what is wrong and how to fix it. Thanks
RuntimeError: stft(CUDAFloatType[3708000, 1], n_fft=400, hop_length=80, win_length=400, window=CUDAFloatType{[400]}, normalized=0, onesided=1, return_complex=1) : expected 0 < n_fft < 1, but got n_fft=400

It would appear that the input might not have the right shape (should it be 1x3708000 or even 1x1x3708000 or something like this? If so, you need to use torch::Tensor::permute or somesuch).
For me, making a habit of checking the input shapes and possible a small portion of the tensor (say slicing the first 5 elements in each dimension) has reduced a great deal of confusion with the outputs when moving between Python and C++.

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Thanks this indeed is the problem. Input was not in expected shape.

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