Licence for a wrapper

Hi PyTorch Team,

Thanks for building this wonderful library.

I have been using many open-source libraries for quite some time now; however, I am a newbie contributor in the same space, so doubtful about licensing.

I have a vision that I would be building at least my domain-specific 5-10 models using pytorch library, which could be useful for the masses (just ready for deploy). Considering this, I thought to create a separate python library which would be having dependency of pytorch library.

Could you please clarify my following doubts, please?

  • Am I allowed to do the same?
  • What licence I need to add to my github repository?

Kindly let me know for any further information.

With regards,



CC @smth for licensing issues.

Thanks @ptrblck.

@smth: could you please provide your valuable inputs?


Dear Pytorch Community,

I have directly copied the LICENSE file from the pytorch library, I hope this would suffice the requirement of writing wrapper of pytorch.

If, however; my understanding needs to be corrected, please let me know.


PyTorch is BSD licensed.

If you write New Code in your own repository, you can license it under whatever license you want.
If you are distributing PyTorch code as-is, you have to preserve PyTorch code license in the distribution.

Thanks @smth, I would be creating my own neural network graphs and will do train and all, so will be using any other license.

Thanks again.