Link to doc issue: borken link due to change

a month ago i used a link to a torchvision doc page in a report.
now, the link does not work. it seems that the structure of the site has changed.
what is the best way to reference a page in the doc?
or we shouldnt reference the doc as it is subject to change? thanks

the initial link which worked fine a month ago but now it does not exist:

now, it is replaced with this new link :


Hi Soufiane!

A link that points to documentation for the “stable” version of pytorch
does change out from under you as new stable versions are released.

It may be safer to link to a specific version, such as:

(Of course the documentation elves can do whatever they want,
including breaking links for specific versions, but, in my experience,
specific-version links are less likely to undergo link-rot.)


K. Frank

hi Frank,
i thought it is the other way around where stable version is actually ‘stable’ one and does not change.
but, i think you are right. stable version is the one that is more likely to change while previous versions are more likely to stay the way they are since they wont receive any updates.