Load data using the the index in getitem

Dear all,

I want to load my data using Dataset which must implement the getitem funciton. The function getitem(self, index) get the data indexed with index. So the data must be linearized.

However, my data is constructed as follows:

  1. 64 pictures

  2. points of 64 pictures:
    list : [[points of pic1], [points of pic2], … [points of pic64]]
    and [points of pic1] is in the format of [ [p1, p2, p3], [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5], [p1, p2]…[p1, p2, p3]] with different lengths.

Each time I want to get one point and corresponding picture, how can I organize my data and use Dataset index to load the data ?


You need to write a custom collate function to collect the output of __getitem__() method into a list or tuple. An example of custom collate function: