Loading weights from a previous epoch doesn't seem to do anything

I’m saving my model state_dict at every epoch.

When overfitting, if I load back my state_dict from a previous epoch it seems like the train accuracy continues to go up as if nothing happened. However, if I stop the training and restart from that previous state_dict it works.

While training:
Epoch 30 - Train Acc 70%

Epoch 40 - Train Acc 85%
load epoch 30 weights
Epoch 41 - Train Acc 86%

If I restart the notebook:
load epoch 30 weights
Epoch 41 - Train Acc 71%

How can I completely go back to the state of a certain epoch while training without interrupting training. I just want the weights from the previous epoch, not the momentum etc…

Is this a double post from here or is this another unrelated issue?

Yes, sorry, completely forgot. Please delete