Log_prob() not returning any gradients, even though it should

So I have the following code snippet:

import torch

loc = torch.tensor(0., requires_grad=True)
scale = torch.tensor(1., requires_grad=True)
gaussian_test = torch.distributions.Normal(loc, scale)
print(loc.grad, scale.grad) # None, None

Since calculating a logPDF at a particular point consists of exclusively differentiable operations, then I would expect to be able to get a gradient of a log_prob operation with respect to the distribution parameters. However this is not the case. Why would that happen?

Hi Lugi!

gaussian_y is not defined within the code you posted. Did you mean:


Your reasoning is correct and I believe that you will get a gradient if you
correct the line noted above that appears to be a typo.


K. Frank

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