Long Term Support and Maintenance

Hello All,

I recognize that 1.0.0 is not yet released. However, is there a plan for LTS? In particular with regard to python 2.

Numpy will stop new feature development in python 2 on Jan 1. I’m not sure how that will affect the roadmap for pytorch given the dependency.

If I were to build against 2.7 how much of a trap would I be in say during June of next year?

We dont plan to drop python 2.7 yet.

The last time we discussed this, we thought about dropping it when either of the two happens:

  • We see < 10% Python 2.7 downloads
  • The pain threshold for maintaining 2.7 support is so great that PyTorch as a product loses significant development time

Neither of them have happened, or are expected to happen by June of next year as far as I can tell.

My answer, as you see, is not giving you a commitment, but giving you the thought process of the team.
We haven’t committed to an LTS release at this point (we aren’t even 1.0 stable until December this year)


Thank you the fair team for your work, Pytorch is a pleasure to use.

I have a few questions:
If I correctly understand, we should expect a stable 1.0 version for december?
If I start a project using the release candidate version, will the migration to the forthcoming stable version represents a lot of work?