Maintenance of pytorch/cpuinfo

Hi folks - it was recommended I reach out here from Fix chipset enum name to include 'vendor_' by prashanthswami · Pull Request #210 · pytorch/cpuinfo · GitHub - recently, the primary maintainer of pytorch/cpuinfo has transitioned off the project, so there isn’t an official maintainer anymore that has bandwidth to review patches. malfet@ on the above PR has been kind to review a number of RISC-V patches myself and others have been sending over, but it’s consuming a lot of bandwidth and a proper maintainer needs to be assigned to balance the load.

While there are a few folks contributing patches, my stake here is Android RISC-V and by extension, libraries like XNNPACK that are used on Android that would need RISC-V support. I’m flagging this purely as a “there’s an active need from the community to make changes in service of enabling RISC-V”. There are already gaps appearing that would break future rolls of pytorch for RISC-V: Fix RISC-V Linux build by markdryan · Pull Request #212 · pytorch/cpuinfo · GitHub

Of course, I don’t want to just drop a resource request out of the blue! I’m here to ask what the process is and what sort of help can be provided to find a maintainer.

  1. Is there some committee that identifies / assigns new maintainers?
  2. Can I follow along somewhere to be informed if a new maintainer is selected?
  3. If someone needs to be found, and I find someone who is interested, can they offer to help maintain this library / who would I point them to that could evaluate / approve them?

this is a solid topic for the developer mailing list
I suspect, one of the existing CPU maintainers (mostly folks from Intel) might step up.

I suggest you re-post the topic there, and we can continue the discussion.

Thank you for the redirect! I’ve re-posted this topic here: Maintenance of pytorch/cpuinfo - PyTorch Dev Discussions