Make_grid - How to control the resolution of every image

Hey :slight_smile: Iv’e coded a simple photomosaic algorithm using the Cifar10 (3x32x32) dataset (looks pretty good).
Iv’e notice that when I’m using different number of images in the grid,
the make_grid method change the resolution of every cifar10 image. How can I control the resolution of the images in the grid? In particular how can I keep the resolution the same? (32x32)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

make_grid is not changing the resolution as seen here and the shape of the result grid should correspond to the number of images in the columns and rows + the additional padding.
I guess the library to plot this image (e.g. matplotlib) might rescale it, so you could check, if specifying the size in e.g. plt.imshow would help.