MC approximation with GPU. Adding values in the loop

Hello, I got a problem with memory explosion, when implementing MC approximation of a function in the loop, generating tensors on GPU.

Here is the code:

       # self.post_mean and self.post_logvar are parameters to optimize

       sampler_normal = torch.distributions.Normal(

        kl_cross = 0 # initialization for average of MC approximation
        n_iter = 100
        for i in range(n_iter):
            weights = sampler_normal.sample((1,))
            weights = self.post_mean + \
                torch.sqrt(post_var) * weights / torch.norm(weights) * radius 

            kl_cross += (torch.sum(-1 / 2 * torch.log(2 * prior_var) +
                                   -1 / 2 / prior_var * (weights - self.prior_mean)**2) /\

In the code above the memory for gpu explodes. I believe it happens because kl_cross.grad_function collects pointers to n_iter objects. Thus, if I have several such approximations, then memory increases very quick.

What would be your suggestions to implement MC approximation on GPU?